Be a sponsor of new generation of talented, and highly motivated young group of sailors based in Montenegro.

Specifications of the boat:

Lenght: 18m

Mast: 26m

Boom: 8m


Main sail: 130 m2

Jib: 80 m2

Gennaker 1: 260 m2

Gennaker 2: 350 m2

Code Zero: 230 m2

Drifter: 140 m2


Sponsorship, Tailoring your company’s new advertising strategy:

  • 30 k Sponsor – Brending on >> Boat: Hull, Boom, Mast; Equipment: Sportsware
  • 50 k Premium Sponsor – Brending on >> Boat: Hull, Boom, Mast; Sails: Main sail, Jib; Equipment: Sportsware
  • 70 k General Sponsor Brending on >> Boat: Hull, Boom, Mast; Sails: Main sail, Jib; Gennakers, Drifter, Code; Zero/Training with team; Equipment: Sportsware


Return on Investment:

April – November

/ Sailing season /

Branding on boat, sails, equipment

Pre-race branding, corporate opportunities

B2B marketing opportunities

International media coverage

Highly effective PR

Training sessions

Up to 10 days of corporate sailing

/ Off season /

Using boat in promotional campaigns of the



Next Season:

S U P P O R T T H E T E A M I N 2 0 1 8


Italy: Barcolana 2018, Trieste

Malta: Rolex cup, Middle sea race

Croatia: Mrduja (300 boats), Fiumanka (130 boats), Viška

regatta (200 boats), Komšika (sailing 150 boats), Eastern

Dalmatian regatta (100 boats), Thousand islands (100)

Montenegro: Fašinada kup (60), Lamar trophy (50 boats),

Porto Montenegro cup (40 boats) Terra da mare (40

boats), Arsenal cup (45 boats)

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