Amazing patch of land in Krasici, Tivat, 50 meters from the sea, with an approved
unregulated building of 350sqm by the local authorities. The total land is 600sqm – big patch of land considering that this is one of the last patches remaining in this luxurious area.

The land is about 10km from Tivat centre, but has it’s own local amenities. It’s a secluded area
for more luxurious build. The ownership is 1/1, and the price can be negotiated if you’re planning on a
cash-buy. There are multiple parking sites allocated for the land, and of course, you’ll have the option
of incorporating parking spaces.

Payment plan options are available, and the owner is open to other agreements as well such as co-investment etc.

Please contact us for more information in regards to the Documents regarding the lands, and
whatever other question you may have.



Take a look at the “Information” section to make yourself fully aware of the processes, regulations, and other vitals you need to known in regards to buying in Montenegro; what the total cost would be, and how you would go about in applying for a residence permit. —- We offer our guidance, and our property team, whom consists of all professionals you may need for the acquisition, planning, buildling etc, to finish the whole transaction in order for additional safety, and buyer security. We also offer help around documentation, and the whole process from architectural drawings to a building company, at the client’s request.


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