These are 8 Apartments distributed across two buildings, situated side-by-side, with views over the whole Porto and Town-center. Each flat will have a designated garage, ranging from 20sqm to 25sqm, and a shared terrace, as well as a shared storage/washroom area (20sqm).
Our company will perform the general maintanance, throughout the year, as well as enforce the contractual obligations (keeping an up-to-date apartment, having basic insurance etc), to ensure that the building is always up to date, and safe for all residents. We will also offer package that include renting your apartment out, documentation work, etc.
Some flats have a terrace included, some don’t – but all will have access to the shared roof-top terrace (120sqm), that will have the possibilities of a grill, jacuzzi, etc. at the request of the residents, collectively. We have already drawn all necessary outlets, sockets etc. within out architectural plan to feasibly be able to make any desires (relative to regulation) come true.
We will not be doing kitchen fittings, and certain indoor work, as we wish our clients to make that choice themselves. If you desire a full furniture package, this can be negotiated with us, as we our partner company makes their own kitchens, panels and so on… This is completely up to the buyers.
Walking distance (500 metres) to centre, beaches, shops etc. and all other amenities.

Take a look at the “Information” section to make yourself fully aware of the process, regulations, and other vitals you need to known in regards to buying in Montenegro; what the total cost would be, and how you would go about in applying for a residence permit. We offer our guidance, and our property team, whom consists of all professionals you may need for the acquisition, planning, building etc, to finish the whole transaction in order for additional safety, and buyer security. We also offer help around documentation, and the whole process from architectural drawings to a building company, at the client’s request.

Price list:


1st floor:

Apartment 1 – 39 sqm; €75 000

Apartment 2 – 54 sqm; €115 000

2nd floor:

Apartment 3 – 39 sqm; €90 000

Apartment 4 – 54 sqm; €120 000



1st  floor:

Apartment 1 – 45 sqm; €100 000

Apartment 2 – 48 sqm; €105 00

2nd floor:

Apartment 3 – 44 sqm; €105 000

Apartment 4 – 48 sqm; €110 000



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